Electric scooters seem to be a segment of the two-wheeled market that's finally ready to heat up. The combination of a practical and comfortable little electric two-wheeler seems to make sense since many scooter riders use their machines mostly in dense urban areas and therefore don't need extensive speed or range.

French manufacturer Peugeot is looking to re-enter the electric scooter market in 2011 with its new E-Vivacity. Peugeot's first foray into the market took place way back in 1996 with the Scoot'elec. Unlike that model, though, the E-Vivacity will sport modern lithium cobalt batteries that can offer a range of up to 60 miles with a city-rational top speed of 28 miles per hour – about on par with conventional 50cc four-stroke models.

A full 35 liters of storage space sits below the seat with the battery pack occupying the space behind the rider's feet. A charge using the standard European 230V plug is said to take four hours with the first two offering up 80-percent capacity. Peugeot estimates the power unit can take 1,000 complete charging cycles with no degradation in performance. No price is yet available, but there's talks of possible battery leasing.

[Source: Motorcycle-USA.com]

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