There has been talk of free neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) before, but Drive Electric is turning up the promotional hype. The company is selling golf carts for the sale price of $6,496.53. Why that amount? Because there is a federal tax credit available for these EVs worth, look at that, $6,496.53. The credit runs out at the end of the year.

The golf carts that Drive Electric sells are classified as NEVs, and so are street legal on roads with speed limits under 35 mph. Other companies will sell similarly qualified vehicles, but might not be pricing their vehicles to match the value of the tax credit. We'll repeat Drive Electric's statement that nothing here should be considered to be tax advice and we recommend people should talk with their tax advisor before trying to get a car for free. As for the political value of a deal like this, well, that's what the comments are for. Thanks to Marke J. for the tip!

[Source: Free Electric Car]

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