Fancy a camouflage F-150? Graphics for entire Ford lineup coming soon

Ford Custom Graphics - Click above for high-res image gallery

At the LA Auto Show this year, Ford showed off several North American-market Ford Fiestas. The cars themselves received a warm reception, as did the customized versions on hand to show off the possibilities. One Fiesta in particular caught our eye: It was a fairly stock-looking white car with some outrageous black graphics on its flanks. We came to learn that this wasn't just a one-off. It was, in fact, part of a new Ford program to allow buyers to similarly customize any Ford in the vehicle lineup.

The generically-named Ford Custom Graphics are a series of vinyls that can be used to add a little extra something to your blue oval beauty. Ford says the graphics are scratch-resistant and weatherproof, and retain the car's 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty. They will be sold exclusively through Ford dealers. Although the Fiesta designs are the only pages open right now, there are previews of other planned graphics on the website. We've assembled some of them here for you in the gallery below. The lower camo on the F-150 is particularly eye-catching, but there are similar treatments for every single vehicle in the Ford family brochure. Check 'em out.

[Source: Ford]

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