Trend-setting. Far-reaching. Record-setting. In a word: Important. Use whatever descriptors you'd like, what we're looking at today are some of the most forward-thinking cars of the last decade.

Some of our choices are hugely successful in terms of sales while not being all that interesting or important to the advancement of the automobile. That's fine, we need those kinds of vehicles, and many of us drive them on a daily basis. There are other cars, though, that are so advanced, radical or just plain significant in their segment that other automakers sat up and took notice. These are the models we'll look back at in another ten years and remember as vehicular landmarks. To qualify for consideration, a car had to either be introduced between the year 2000 and 2009 or at least receive a major redesign during that time period.

Interestingly, this list was extremely difficult for us to agree upon. Some of our team members pushed very hard for models that ultimately didn't make the list while others argued vehemently that some of our choices didn't belong at all. Ultimately, we compiled a diverse list of vehicles for you to consider, and we think it's well worth taking the time to peruse.

Click either image (or here) to begin this journey through the decade that's just about to conclude. Have fun, and be sure to nominate your own choices in the comments section.

[Source Image: piterart | CC2.0]

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