FAB Design Full Broadside Panamera -- Click above for high-res image gallery

It took us a while, but we have finally realized what's going on: tuning companies are overstocked with Butt Ugly. They didn't ration their supply properly, now they've got unused cases of Butt Ugly lying around, stinking up the place. That's why we've been assaulted with all these steaming piles lately -- because 2010 Butt Ugly will be shipping soon, so all this 2009 Butt Ugly has got to go go go!

And that's the best explanation we can come up with for this, the FAB Design Full Broadside Porsche Panamera. The "extrovert Wide Bodykit" is fashioned entirely from carbon fiber, not that it helps any. If we have anything nice to say, it's that we don't mind the wheels or three trapezoidal exhaust tips. Nor do we mind the upgraded engine doing 690 hp. But that wrapping... oh, the humanity...

FAB suggests this is what its customers want, saying that its tweaked Panamera is the first of its new FAB Exclusive line. Praise be it will be limited to 15 units. The press release is after the jump, and to those that can, have a look at the FAB Panamera from every angle in the gallery of high-res photos below. Hat tip to Johannes

[Source: FAB Design]


FAB Design Porsche Panamera: A Full Broadside

FAB Design has refined the new Porsche Panamera and turned the conservative, standard product into a dream car.

The tuners from Mellingen have expanded their programme from one originally limited to Mercedes to now include the FAB Exclusive Line. Here, mainly in accordance with customers' wishes, small numbers – limited to no more than 15
of other luxury brands are developed. In such a way were Maybach and McLaren refined. The FAB Panamera is, therefore, the first – but definitely not the last – vehicle from this new series that doesn't come from the house of Daimler.

The sport limousine modified for the first time by FAB catches the eye mainly because of its extrovert Wide Bodykit. Its made of a sportily redesigned front element with powerful cooler intakes and an all encompassing front spoiler. The front hood and other external accessories are naturally made of real carbon. The eye of the beholder falls immediately on the widened wing that takes in the rear passenger doors so elegantly that the vehicle seems more like a coupé. In addition the side skirts were
made to fit the design and connect the line of the front apron with the rear of the vehicle – on which is enthroned a completely new form of rear spoiler that receives the optimum air stream from the roof spoiler and that ideally fits the vehicle's performance. Beneath it can be found the FAB rear skirt with an integrated diffuser and three trapeziform, centrally placed endpipes.

The carbon fibre rear wings mentioned above are designed to improve the output at the rear of the vehicle, then the engineers from Mellingen haven't let the performance go unnoticed. After the modification the 4.8 litre turbo delivers up to 700 PS. By mounting a lowering module the vehicle's centre of gravity is lowered by around 20 millimetres. A sports braking system that peeps out from behind the three-part, 22 inch spoked rims takes care of the appropriate negative acceleration.

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