Toyota blends social media and trail search tool in 4Runner marketing blitz

Said the executive creative director of the 2010 Toyota 4Runner media campaign: "This is the last authentic SUV. All the rest have gone suburbia." By "authentic" he means dirt, surf, wilds, and maybe bears, and to show you how to get there, Toyota has rolled out the Toyota Trail Tracker.

A social media tool and soon-to-be mobile app, the trail tracker allows you to find and upload info on trails across the United States. And it isn't just for wild, rocky hellholes either (that's the 4Runner on the Rubicon Trail above) -- you can upload and find scenic drives and fire roads that lead to great surfing spots.

If you want the world to know what you did when you got there -- or how you manged to get out -- you can post photos and video to the site, as well as upload GPS data. The Trail tracker website is live now, with about 29 trails nationwide at the time of this writing. It's intriguing that one of the vehicles that led SUVs out of the wilds and into suburbia is now playing the Pied Piper to lure folks back into the woods. At least now maybe we'll get to see what it's really got.

[Source: Marketing Daily]

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