Few visionaries have bred as many supercar brands as Lee Noble. The British sportscar guru is responsible for the Noble M12 and M400, the Ascari Ecosse, the Ultima GTR, Rossion Q1 and Salica GT, to name just a few. And now he's looking to add one more to the list with the announcement of his latest project: Fenix Automotive.
Just last month we brought you initial news of Lee Noble's new project, but the picture is now coming into focus under the Fenix name. UK publication Car Magazine says that the formula calls for a lightweight, mid-engined V8 supercar blending track-worthy performance with grand touring drivability in a package priced below £75,000 ($125k), even lower than initially expected. Noble will be turning once again to Hi-Tech Automotive in Port Elizabeth, South Africa – which also built the M12 as well as Superformance Replicars – to assemble the as-yet unnamed first product from Fenix Automotive Limited, with initial photos set to surface early next year in advance of initial deliveries by the end of 2010.

[Source: Car Magazine]

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