Hell hath no fury like a racing team scorned. Among the dozen teams that lodged bids this year to join the F1 grid for 2010 was N.Technology. The racing outfit is known to some European fans as the squad that fielded race-prepped Alfas in various touring car series (pictured above), but its bid was ultimately rejected by the FIA in favor of Campos, Manor and USF1, Lotus joining the roster in BMW's stead after N.Technology had withdrawn its bid.

Citing irregularities in the selection process, N.Technology and its parent company MSC Organization Ltd. (itself an organizing body responsible for the International Formula Master feeder series) sued the FIA in French courts. According to the plaintiffs, the FIA only selected teams that were willing to use the Cosworth engine package which the governing body commissioned. N.Technology wasn't interested, while the teams that were selected all agreed to use Cosworth power.

Unfortunately for N.Technology and MSC, the French courts didn't see things their way, and rejected the rejected entry's claims. Some people just can't win.

[Source: Autosport | Image: Bryn Lennon/Getty]

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