Bugatti Veyron of Andy House from Lufkin, Texas - Click above to view video

As we've already reported (stop tipping us on this!), yesterday a Texas man lost control of his Bugatti Veyron and ended up driving into the two-foot shallows of a nearby salt marsh. The driver claimed a kamikaze pelican that flew too low was to blame for the Veyron's bath. The Lufkin Daily News has now identified that driver as Andy House, the owner of Performance Auto Sales in Lufkin.

Perhaps too coincidentally, the company restores wrecked exotics for resale, which makes this whole situation seem like something akin to a mortician offing his own family members to drum up business. Unthinkable, for sure, and we hope it's not the case here as we'd hate to discover later that this Veyron was sacrificed as a publicity stunt.

Apparently a lot of people have been trying to reach Mr. House to discover exactly what happened. We're not sure what the connection is, but the group of interested callers is said to even include California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. We don't think the car has been terminated, but it might be a while before it's back.

*UPDATE: Now with incredible one-in-a-million video footage of the actual crash after the jump – and no, we don't see a pelican, either. However, we do hear explicit language, so this one is NSFW.

*UPDATE 2: Video working again.

[Sources: Lufkin Daily News; YouTube]

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