GM fuel cell boss explains that the technology needs to pass final cost hurdle to production

General Motors fuel cell comparsion - click above to enlarge

It's no secret that General Motors remains committed to hydrogen fuel cells as a long term solution to zero emissions transportation. In this cause, GM is in league with many of the largest automakers in the world including Toyota, Honda, Daimler, and Hyundai. Recently we ran an editorial refuting some reports (including one of our own) about the cost of GM's fuel cell system. Charlie Freese, GM's executive director of fuel cell activities, has written a post on the Fastlane blog that expands on some of what we said regarding the cost of the fuel cell system used in the Project Driveway Chevy Equinoxes.

GM has revealed some of the specific details of the latest generation system compared to the four-year-old system used in the Equinox. Freese explains that the fuel cell system is now at a stage where the engineers are working diligently to reduce the cost and bring it to parity with more conventional systems, something that should happen in the next few years.

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[Source: GM Fastlane Blog]

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