You've just got to admire this kind of tenacity. Earlier this year, we related the story of Cha Sa-soon of South Korea. This 68-year-old woman wanted her driver's license so badly that she had gone to take the written test nearly every single day since April of 2005. Unfortunately, Cha was unable to score the necessary 60-percent score to pass.
Ultimately, Cha ended up taking that same written test about 950 times before managing that 60-of-100 score. Yes, you read that right – this woman took the written test 950 times before earning a passing grade. Like we said, tenacity.

That coveted slip of paper didn't come cheap. All told, Cha spent more than five million won ($4,200) in application fees over the last four years. Please join us in a silent prayer for safety on South Korean roadways.

For what it's worth, Cha's not out of the water just yet – she still needs to pass the actual driving test before being rewarded with a real license. According to local media reports, Cha hopes a driver's license will improve her door-to-door vegetable-selling business. Good luck!

[Source: Associated Press via Yahoo]

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