Delta Tech Engineering Suzuki Kizashi - Click above image for high-res gallery

We totally dig the new 2010 Suzuki Kizashi. It's a bold step forward for Suzuki and (hopefully) a harbinger of great things to come, which also happens to be what "Kizashi" means. However, the looks are a little, well... not outstanding. Not that it's particularly bad-looking (it ain't), but what if it were a little more... special? SEMA to the rescue!

We've got a trio of modded Kizashis for you to peruse down in the gallery, but how about some background info up front? First up is Delta Tech Engineering's car which might be our favorite. Delta Tech specializes in lighting and every light on the car is either LED or HID. Even though big mouth-look grilles are on the way out fashion-wise, we like the snout on this guy. We also like the fact that it has a cold air intake, custom exhaust and Koni coilovers.

While we just said that the Delta Tech Engineering might be our favorite Kizashi, the Road Race Motorsports Platinum Edition Kizashi pushes all the right buttons with an even more aggressive body kit. It also features a custom air intake, engine management system and data logger. You also get 13-inch slotted rotors up front (though "only" 10-inches out back). Custom springs, sway bars and chassis stiffeners round the package out.

[UPDATE: We wrongly identified Westside's Kizashi as Import Tuner's car. A total mistake on our (my) part. Sorry 'bout that.]

Lastly, we've got Westside's custom Kizashi – a car we just can't wrap our heads around. From the Frankenstein's Monster neck-bolts as exhaust tips to the bizarre two-tone paint job to the Jianghuai GIGANTIC grill, we're totally, 100% not in love. And that's that.

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