Who says Twitter is good for nothing? Making fun of derivative Chinese car designs (cough Geely cough) is like shooting fish in a barrel. Only the barrel has no water in it, is only six-inches deep and you're using a shotgun. Still, we're thinking this Jianghuai sedan might be taking a cake or two. Obviously, the front end is a bit much. And looking at the car in profile, the Jianghuai isn't just influenced by the Infiniti G35 -- it is the G35. Stare harder at that C-pillar if you don't believe us. But why completely rip off one car when you can jack two? Make the jump to check out the this Jianghuai's pilfered rear.

[Source: Cheshi]

Interesting -- Mercedes-Benz never told us they switched the trunk badges of E350s from three to five-pointed stars.

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