Now we're talking! If there's one thing we're in favor of its pushing cars to their breaking point. See LeMons. But what about pushing cars past their breaking point? Like across Africa? That's exactly what British journalist and adventurer Brian Milton did in 1968 when he took a 1937 Austin 7 Ruby and drove it across the Sahara Desert to meet his fiancee.
Mr. Milton has written a book about his forty-one year old adventure entitled Alexa -- the Life and Death of an Austin 7 Ruby. And to our ears, it sounds wonderful:
"I motored 1,800 miles on rough track across the Sahara... I reached a Nigeria that was wracked by civil war... I survived. But alas, my Austin 7 did not. We crashed once and ran out of water twice in the Sahara. I drove 2,000 miles on three pistons and 900 miles without brakes, lights, shock absorbers or starting motor or handle."
Mr. Milton has sent a copy of Alexa to none other than Jeremy "Torques" Clarkson, asking the Top Gear star to go on and recreate his 1968 adventure. While some might argue that driving a Lancia Beta Coupe across the desert might get Jezza off the hook, we'd totally watch him and May and Hammond kill themselves in something as dodgy as an Austin 7. Interested in reading about Brian Milton's adventure? Alexa can be purchased right here.

[Source: East London Advertiser]

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