Looking back, 2009 may be seen as the year that electric motorcycles began their rise to market dominance. If that is to happen, the start-ups in that sector will have to be successful in the execution of their various business models. What they are trying to do with the motorized two-wheeler is more revolutionary then evolutionary and so their approach to the market must be distinct, perhaps diametric to that of the companies that currently occupy the landscape. In a series of articles at Asphalt & Rubber under the caption Tradition is Not a Business Model, Jensen Beeler talks with the heads of Zero Motorcycles, Brammo, MotoCzysz and Mission Motors about their views on the topic. The posts discuss the company's ideas about engineering, education, identity and platform design that is quite insightful and worth the time spent reading.

Even if motorcycles really aren't your thing, it's interesting how the principles discussed are also easily applied to other types of electric vehicles. Before you immerse yourself in this thought-provoking series though, hit the jump for a great video by vlogger Paul Maverick showing part of Brammo's business plan in action as potential customers check out their product at the El Segundo Best Buy with (mostly) positive results.

[Source: Asphalt & Rubber]

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