REPORT: Mad Max emerges from Thunderdome on Fury Road

It costs too much money to make all those original Hollywood flops that no one pays to see, so new movie news these days is mostly a succession of "We're rebooting/remaking/doing a sequel for [insert any movie made before this year]." So even though Paranormal was shot for $10,000 and made $22 million last weekend, the big news is Mad Max is going the Rocky route, coming in for episode four: Mad Max: Fury Road.

For all of us who do want another hero and do want to know the way home, Mad Max probably won't be him or show us this time around. The project doesn't have studio backing yet, just the franchise's producer, $100 million, and a tentative production date of next year. Sam Worthington ( Terminator Salvation) and Charlize Theron (really?) are rumored to be tied to the project. Mad Max with a big budget and big stars sounds like a mad mess, but at least it will give us an overdue reason to shout "You can run... but you can't hide!" Hat tip to Richard.

[Source: Auto Focus | Image: Warner Bros.]

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