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There's a longstanding tradition of using horizontally-opposed boxer engines in motorcycles – and not just from BMW – the flat configuration has found a home in a slew of two-wheelers ranging from Russia's Ural to the current Honda Goldwing. So, it's not too much of a stretch to wonder how Subaru's well-known flat-four engine would work in a bike.

At least one man has decided to find out. According to The Kneeslider, Ian McElroy taught himself Solidworks just so he could create the KickBoxer motorcycle concept, which marries the aforementioned liquid-cooled boxer engine from Subaru to a futuristic motorcycle chassis that features single-sided swingarms front and rear along with hub-center steering.

We're not entirely sold on some of the details, but it sure looks like fun. Even a bone-stock turbocharged WRX powerplant should equal a rather favorable power-to-weight ratio, wouldn't you say? At this point, the KickBoxer exists only on paper and computer files, but McElroy says he'd love to see the machine put into small-scale production. As would we.

Check out our high-res gallery below, and for more images, click here.

[Source: The Kneeslider, Flickr]

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