Tokyo 2009: Honda EV-N concept combines future drive with retro style

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Honda's new CEO Takanobu Ito started off his tenure at the head of the company today by unveiling a new plug-in battery electric concept. The EV-N showcar hides its futuristic electron pumping powertrain in a decidedly retro bodystyle thanks to a design reminiscent of the subcompact 600N of the Sixties.

Honda has yet to reveal much in the way of technical details about the diminutive hatch, but we do know it uses lithium-ion batteries and the electric motor drives the front wheels. The car can be started with a fob called the Loop that incorporates a display showing the driver know the battery pack's state of charge.

Not enough pint-size fun for you? Each of the EV-N's doors features a pocket that holds one of Honda's gyro controlled, omnidirectional U3-X unicycles.

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