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Why on earth would you deliberately shoot a Rolls-Royce and try your darnedest to blow it off the road? Well, because it looks like fun, that's why. But at a third of a million dollars, you should have a better reason than an appetite for destruction and a wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket like so many rounds from an assault rifle.

Fortunately, Mutec has such a reason. The German firm armors up luxury sedans and vehicles of all kinds for customers around the world. In this case, they've worked an undisclosed amount of bulletproofing and bomb-resistant armor into an extended-wheelbase Phantom, and then went to work on it with more fire power than Donald Trump commanding a marine batallion. And since we're not likely to do the same in this lifetime, we might as well enjoy the video after the jump, with our thanks to Patrick and Julio for sending in the tip.

[Source: Bentley Spotting via YouTube]

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