Long-time ABG reader Yanquetino was perusing the recently re-designed site for AC Propulsion when he stumbled across an interesting photo that may point to ACP's latest OEM project. The car sitting on the hoist in the photo above is a Chery Eastar Cross. For those unfamiliar with the Chinese automaker's lineup, it's a crossover wagon.

We decided to check with AC Propulsion CEO Tom Gage to find out what was up with this vehicle and ask whether it was an independent project or a factory deal. Remember, ACP was contracted by BMW to supply the battery packs and propulsion systems for the MINI E fleet.

Turns out the mystery vehicle is the EV5 which ACP converted on their own for the 2007 Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Shanghai. They bought the car from the Chery factory and did the conversion in California. ACP still has the vehicle and has used it as a development vehicle for subsequent programs. Thanks to Tom and Yanquetino for the info!

[Source: AC Propulsion]

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