Citroen SM Oil Change How To - click above image to watch the video

Assuming most of you are Citroen owners, we're confident you'll find the following video extremely helpful. Even if you just own a DS or CX and not a full blown SM, it's useful. Heck, even you 2CV owners might learn a thing or two. For the tiny minority of you out there that don't own Citroens, we will admit that yes, compared to an aircraft carrier a Chevelle, an SM is a little tricky to work on. But as long as you view the SM like an airplane -- meaning a series of subsystems -- rather than one, single insanely complex French-Italian mashup (the "M" in SM stands for "Maserati) you'll do just fine.

In fact, after consuming two bottles of Bordeaux and half a pack of Gallouses you'll be able to repeat the following (from the maintenance section of an SM website): "The backspacing of the crankshaft bore accepting the oil pump shaft is not controlled adequately. The oil pump drive shaft commonly falls into the crank and runs on a small area of its splines thus wearing rapidly. A simple fix is to add a compliant spacer (so as not to end-load the oil pump) in the splined hole in the crankshaft timing sprocket." And hey, so what if the AC compressor is driven by the timing chain and routinely rarely jams and grenades upsets the engine? With easy to follow maintenance videos like this one, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. And Citroen SMs.

Note: If you work in a brothel, mens' prison or the San Fernando Valley, the video after the jump is totally safe for work. Otherwise, consider it NSFW. And yeah, we wish the clip featured a European SM, and not the compromised, non-hydraulic headlight US version. Still, NSFW!

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