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Apparently drivers in the UK were not as enthralled by the prospect of leasing the battery-powered MINI E as Americans. While some 10,000 drivers were reported to have applied for the privilege of paying MINI to beta test the EV, only 515 wanted in on the UK test. Of those 40 were chosen, half of which are private users.

While Americans have to pay $850 per month for a year, British drivers get off with only £330 a month (approx $640 U.S.) for six months. All of the UK-based MINI Es will be in the southern part of the country, mostly between Oxford, London and Andover. Oxford is, of course, the site of the MINI factory and home base to the little cars. The cars will be delivered before Christmas and, hopefully, charging cords and wall boxes will be in place before the cars arrive.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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