GreenTech Auto's sports car - click above for more GTA vehicles

The legal battle surrounding Hybrid Kinetic Automotive Corp. seems to have resulted in a new company called GreenTech Auto. According to the Memphis Business Journal, GreenTech Auto will build "a new hybrid automobile development and manufacturing facility that will initially employ 1,500 with a $1 billion investment" in Tunica County, Mississippi. The goal is to be able to build 150,000 vehicles a year like the hybrid sports car pictured above (estimated specs: 45 mpg, 0-60 miles/hour in 5.9 seconds). The GreenTech Auto website also shows an all-electric model that can go 80 miles per 3-hour charge, a high efficiency subcompact that could get 65 mpg and a mid-size hybrid car that would get an estimated 50 mpg. None of the cars has a price tag and the website doesn't say anything more concrete than that production should start in the "next few years."

[Source: Memphis Business Journal]

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