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Ever hear of the Hybrid Kinetic Automotive Corp.? It's another start-up with sights set on building green cars in the American South, this time in Mississippi. The idea is/was to apply technologies developed in Europe, including German hybrid powertrains, to a "full family" of "affordable green cars" built in the U.S. A federal lawsuit that was filed in March (and unsealed in June), though, shows that the plan might not work out as hoped. Chinese investors had been tapped for the $6.5 billion needed to build the plant that was supposed to employ 25,000 when full production got going in 2015. Construction was to begin in 2011. The lawsuit is the result of a dispute between Wang and Rong "Benjamin" Yeung, who are the chairman and the founder of the venture, according to a June story in Commercial Appeal. Today, the Commercial Appeal reports that the dispute revolves around if the two men are partners or if one is working for the other.

Learn more about the lawsuit here.

[Source: Commercial Appeal]

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