Dear Santa,

How are you? I am fine. I know I once said that if you would bring me a puppy for Christmas I would never bother you for anything ever again, but that was a long time ago and I'm hoping you've forgotten. Anyway, the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book just arrived and the second item on their "Fantasy Gift" list this year is a special edition of the Mission One electric motorcycle by Mission Motors and I really, really want one. Did I mention that I've been a pretty good boy this year and sometimes even washed the dishes?

There are only 10 bikes in this series, each done up in a gloss black and anthracite color scheme set off by forged magnesium Marchesini gold wheels. Almost as cool as flying reindeer, no? They're also throwing in "a visit to the Mission Motors headquarters in San Francisco and an on-track instructional session with one of Mission's professional racers at a racetrack in the Sonoma wine country." I wouldn't bother you about this but I seemed to have squandered my youth instead of staying in school and getting that law/medical degree. I also haven't had very good lottery luck and so don't have $73,000 stashed away anywhere so you're my only hope. Thank you very much and I don't mind the mid-2010 wait for delivery.

p.s. I promise not to drive it 150 mph unless I'm on a track and I'll even wear a helmet.

Yours Truly,

[Source: Mission Motors / Neiman Marcus]

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