eCars Now! eCorolla - Click above to watch the videos after the jump

The Electric Motor Show kicks off in Helsinki, Finland on the 6th of November and making its proud world debut will be the eCorolla. Just as you might expect from the name, the "eToyota" is an electric conversion of a regular Corolla. So why all the fuss? Well, this particular transmutation is meant as an archetype and was built by the Finnish open source project called eCars-Now! using quality components and lithium batteries. The aim of the outfit is to bring electric transportation to the masses by converting their current rides.

Looking under the hood we find the prototype is powered by an Azure Dynamics AC motor and controller (spec sheet PDF here). The lithium batteries are from Thunder Sky and the car uses a battery management system (BMS) by Lithium Balance to keep things kosher and provide pack information. This drivetrain in a similarly-sized car should be good for around 90 miles which they say could be doubled with an extra pack. Being open source, the eCars-Now! website offers complete instructions on how to make your own eCorolla (or eJetta or what have you), as well as lots of other EV info, and encourages everyone to give it a go. Hit the jump for video from the group promoting conversions featuring-you guessed it- the eCorolla.

[Source: eCars-Now!]

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