As if the X-Type experiment didn't go poorly enough, the Leaper may be heading back to the wagon trough, with four-cylinder engines, no less. Yet it's not as lame as it sounds. According to Autocar, the idea of an XF wagon is on the plate for when the model gets its refresh in 2012. Jaguar wants to beat back its Audi and BMW estate car rivals, and were it to have a five-door XF, the car's sales would stand a good chance of being on top, instead of in third place in UK sales.

The four-cylinder talk centers around a diesel engine that is rumored to be a revised 2.2-liter borrowed from Ford by way of Land Rover. While the XF's current V8 has taken some flak for being an underachiever, it at least provides a delightful soundtrack. The bray of a four, even a diesel, may be acceptable to UK buyers who already snap up such powertrains in competitors wagons, but we'd want our family-style XF to kick it with big V8 brawn. Here's hoping we get the chance.

[Source: Autocar]

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