Bob Kruse is going freelance. Kruse has been executive director of global vehicle engineering for hybrids, electric vehicles and batteries at General Motors since early 2008. He has overseen the teams led by Denise Gray, Larry Nitz and Micky Bly that are developing hybrid and electric vehicles for GM. Kruse has opted to leave GM and form his own consulting firm called E V Consulting LLC to provide engineering expertise to companies looking to cash in on the federal bounty currently available for developing plug-in vehicles.
Kruse and GM both say that he is leaving the company on good terms and the change has nothing to do with progress on the Volt or other programs. This just happens to be an opportune time for Kruse to strike out on his own.

Kruse will be replaced by Micky Bly, who has been director of hybrid vehicle integration. For the last several years, Bly has led the teams that did the production development of GM's two-mode hybrid trucks and SUVs. More recently, the Volt integration work has also been part of Bly's responsibilities.

[Source: Detroit News]

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