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It would be understandable, should you be lucky enough to occupy your driveway with a Dodge Charger SRT8, that the car would occupy your thoughts more often than something more bland. For high-style computing, many turn to the folks at Apple, but that's just one design direction. PC Rides has an altogether different number cruncher for those of you with a browsing history full of automotive websites.

No, it doesn't have a Hemi, but the PC Rides Charger SRT8 computer uses an Intel Core2Duo processor packed inside a unique form factor. The front bumper hides the tray for the optical drive, and out back are all the gozintas and gosoutas, which cover most bases with DVI, HDMI, six USB ports, audio, network, and VGA.

As you'd hope, appropriate SRT colors are available – no beige box here – and prices range from $1850 to $2495, depending on the level of performance you desire. The headlights fire up when the computer is on, and when the hard drive is moving data, the taillights flash, which might get annoying fast. Call it silly, but since it's an official Dodge licensed product, Chrysler calls it cash flow. Head on over to PC Rides to check out all the details, or check out the company's Facebook page instead. Gallery below, official press release posted after the jump.

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Press Release

PC Rides launches Dodge Charger SRT8 PC

First-of-breed automotive replica desktop computer offers innovative computer experience.

Los Angeles, December 9, 2008: PCRides announced today that it is shipping the Dodge Charger SRT8 PC, a desktop computer housed in a detailed officially approved replica of the Dodge Charger SRT8 automobile.

This unique form-factor offering includes Intel® ® Core 2 Duo technology fully integrated into the automotive shell – the hood ornament serves as the system power button. When activated, the front headlights glow, and the brake lights flash. The DVD disc drive is mounted below the front grill of the front bumper and can be summoned at the push of a button. Connections to power and peripherals are designed into the back panel of the vehicle, with a rich array of ports allowing users to connect a monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer. Using HDMI, USB and other ports, users can use the unit for digital entertainment and gaming applications as well.

"The PCRides Dodge Charger SRT8 PC is a desktop revolution," notes PC Rides CEO A. Khare. "It represents an alternative to the ugly, functional desktop box. This computer can be placed on desk, table or countertop to provide an exciting new way to see and use computers."

"A car and a computer are both navigational tools with windshields" notes Michael Utvich, PC Rides VP of Marketing. "A car moves us through real space, just as a computer navigates cyberspace. The excitement of this product begins with the spectacular replica form factor outside, and continues when the user boots into the driver's seat to enjoy a suite of exciting automotive themed games and media." The Dodge SRT8 PC will include automotive themed media to create an immersive and entertaining computing experience.

The PCRides Dodge Charger SRT8 PC was developed by PC Rides in association with Dodge Division, Chrysler Corporation and Brand Sense Partners as a licensed and approved brand-expanding product. The product was designed to appeal to The Dodge Charger SRT8 enthusiasts and owners. The target customers for these souped-up computers are car owners and Dodge car enthusiasts and computer users who want something different, according to Brand Sense Partners.

The PCRides Dodge Charger SRT8 PC is equipped with state-of-the-art Intel® Core 2 Duo technology components. The compact size and cooling requirements allow the unit to operate without cumbersome fans that are a feature of most desktop systems. To compensate for the form factor constraints on placing additional PC cards on the motherboard, the unit, like a laptop, the PCRides Dodge Charger SRT8 PC features a rich array of built in ports to drive a wide variety of peripheral devices and tools. Each unit also features built in wireless connectivity as a standard element in the technology suite.

The PCRides Dodge Charger SRT8 PC is available immediately through direct sale at www.pcrides.com, and through selected sales partners.

The product is offered in eight replica body colors – Hemi Orange , Detonator Yellow ,Brilliant Black, Bright Silver, Deep Water Blue , B5 Blue , Plum Crazy and Tor Red . The Superbee Charger PC is available in Detonator Yellow, B5 Blue and Hemi Orange.

At www.pcrides.com, users may select from three technology configurations based upon the power of the processing chip in each configuration. The replica unit serves as the system Central Processing Unit (CPU) only, monitor and peripherals may be connected through the port panel on the rear deck of the vehicle.

The three base configurations of the PCRides Dodge Charger SRT8 PC are:

· Super Turbo – based on Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.53GHZ chip, and retails for $2495.00

· Turbo – based on Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.4GHZ and retails for $2175.00

· Standard – based on Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.26GHz and retails for $1850.00

Customers may enter BTO specifications for additional memory and/or hard disk at additional cost above the base price.

PCRides is headquartered in Los Angeles California.

Leading innovation in the alternative computer market, by offering innovative designed and technologically advanced computers. PC Rides goal is to provide a quality, custom made-to-order desk top computer that duplicates the hottest, newest, cars out there today, down to the tire tread; transforming desk top computers into functional artwork that pleases the eye and offers cutting edge performance.

Product offerings span systems with basic configuration that can be upgraded, to High Performance PCs,as well as bare bones systems for computer savvy individuals.

PC Rides has engaged in partnering with well established companies, such as, Dodge Motor Division, Chrysler Corporation, Intel®, Microsoft, Auravision, Viewsonic.

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