Over the last thirty years, automakers have managed to eliminate roughly 99 percent of noxious emissions from the tailpipes of new cars. One of the keys to make that possible has been closed loop control of fuel systems. What this means is that sensors are used in a variety of locations, including the intake and exhaust tracts, to measure the airflow and concentrations of oxygen in the exhaust stream. Fuel delivery is then adjusted in real-time based on the signals from those sensors.
While the engines in automobiles have been updated to clean them up, small engines in scooters, mopeds and other machines like lawn mowers and chainsaws have not been upgraded for the most part. Freescale Semiconductor has developed a new integrated circuit-based exhaust sensor to facilitate this closed loop control on small engines. The IC-based sensors should allow closed loop control to be implemented at a much lower cost.

Some small engine manufacturers are already testing the sensor, although Freescale is not yet announcing who. The sensors are expected to be in production by the end of the year. Thanks to Derek for the tip!

[Source AZCentral]

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