Buckeye Bullet 2 claims land speed record for fuel cell vehicles, 300.992 mph

We first heard about the Buckeye Bullet 2 about two years ago when we were covering the Ford Fusion 999 land speed record project. The student engineering team from The Ohio State University was collaborating with engineers from Ford and the two teams shared data on improving performance of the fuel cell and electric motor system. While Ford finished the Fusion program after setting a 207 mph record, the OSU team has soldiered on.

This week at the Bonneville Salt Flats, the Buckeye team made another attempt at hitting their target of 300 mph. After making the required two passes in opposite directions, the hydrogen-fueled streamliner finally topped the magic mark. Over the flying mile, the car averaged 299.900 mph. In the flying kilometer, the average was 300.992 mph with a top recorded speed of 304 mph. That makes this the first hydrogen vehicle to top 300 mph and the fastest FIA recorded speed for an electric drive vehicle. The original battery-powered Buckeye Bullet 1 has a national record of 314.958 mph and maximum recorded speed of 321.834 mph.

[Source: Buckeye Bullet Blog]

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