It worked for the Chevrolet Camaro, so why not the Corvette? General Motors' head of global design, Ed Welburn, has reportedly told Inside Line that the C7 'Vette is going to lift the most notorious design cue from the entire line: the split rear window from the 1963 coupe. It will not, however, be the car from Transformers 2, and it will not be mid-engined.

Unlike the Camaro, the C7 doesn't need to make a splash or a styling statement beyond being the new Corvette. On one hand, we can understand that GM wants to make a statement – but why go back to the Sixties to get it? Although we dig it in the 1963 car, the split-window was a gimmick then and it would be a gimmick now, which makes it a bit of an odd move for us. America's sports car already has its adherents, and the C5 and C6 have done well for themselves with original (if evolutionary) designs. On the other hand, if Chevy can make the car hot enough – and a rear-camera helps alleviate visibility concerns) – probably we won't care what kind of glass it has. If a funky rear window treatment can work for Lamborghini's Reventón, there's no reason it can't work for the C7... right?

[Source: Inside Line | Image: mashleymorgan via CC 2.0]

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