Robert Farago, the equal parts eloquent and bellicose editor of The Truth About Cars (TTAC) and former blogger for Autoblog and Jalopnik, will be leaving in 60 days. Details are just beginning to trickle in, but so far we know this: TTAC was recently purchased by a company called VerticalScope. Farago has been pushing for an increased editorial budget ever since TTAC's former owner (Name Media) slashed the editorial budget by 80% in late 2008 before eventually slashing it by 100% by March of this year (meaning TTAC's writers haven't been paid since then), prompting the site's sale to VerticalScope.
According to our source, the lack of an editorial budget caused Farago's departure. "RF's been getting burned out for a while, but what brought this to a head yesterday was the issue of getting pay for the writers. He pushed for it and all they offered was a pittance, not even enough to pay $10 per article at the rate we publish stuff. He pushed harder, and they refused to budge." So he quit, leaving Edward Niedermeyer in charge of TTAC. Our source continues, "Now [VerticalScope says they will] provide a decent editorial budget -- using the money they were paying [Farago]. TTAC's writers will be paid once again, but they'll use RF's former salary to cover it."

We spoke with Farago and he said the following, "I sincerely hope VerticalScope will maintain the integrity of the TTAC brand. I wish Edward Niedermeyer all the best. I will say that we've proven our point – General Motors went belly up." As for the future, Farago says he will be launching a non-automotive website, but gave no further details.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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