WreckedExotics taking bets on first Ferrari 458 Italia crash

2010 Ferrari 458 Italia - click above image for high-res gallery

Would you like to win $500? Are you a little bit psychic? Does the schadenfreude of rich suckers smashing up their exotic rides run a sweet, happy little chill down your spine? Then Wrecked Exotics has a contest for you! The website wants to know when you think they'll find proof of the first Ferrari 458 Italia crash. To wit: "The Ferrari F430, predecessor to the F458, has been involved in 96 documented crashes since 2004. The Ferrari 360 (predecessor to the F430) has been involved in 403 documented crashes since 1999."

Aside from our answer of "who cares?" the person prognostic enough to guess the date closest to the first 458 Italia crash wins $500, as well as the honor and fame that goes along with participating in the world's first known automotive death pool. Now, of course, we'll be seeing the newest mid-engine Ferrari in about two weeks time at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but as Wrecked Exotics points out, "The Ferrari F458 goes on sale summer 2010 but Ferrari employees will be test driving the car long before then. A crash can happen any time, including BEFORE the launch date."

[Source: Wrecked Exotics]

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