Drunk people often display a distinct lack of comprehension, and that appears to be the case in this particular instance as well. A 1983 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit bore the brunt of the injuries when a frustrated Robert Caton of Andover, England got fed up trying to sort out a customer service problem at his local Tesco store. Apparently, Caton had placed a telephone order with Tesco Direct for a bedroom set, which arrived without a mattress. Heading off fully-cocked to sort things out, the man arrived at the brick and mortar store to try and get some satisfaction.

Like many retailers, Tesco's catalog/online division is separate from the real-world stores, so the staff that Caton was haranguing could only do so much. Shortly after asking a security guard how long it would take to evacuate the store, he carefully lined up his Roller for a good shot at the storefront. Several people were treated for cuts and bruises and the big luxury car caused the destruction of a low brick wall, plenty of plate glass, and two registers as it made its 15-foot run into the outlet. Now, rather than sleeping it off on his brand new bedroom set, Mr. Caton is spending nights on a prison cot, awaiting his September 25th sentencing.

[Source: Telegraph | Photo: Sky News]

Another crazy car crash...

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