Angry Green Girl's bikini car wash - Click above to watch the videoes after the jump

The long-standing tradition of using attractive ladies to draw attention to a cause continues unabated out in Los Angeles thanks to Angry Green Girl and her free hybrid-only bikini car wash. The girls in green offered up free car washes to drivers of hybrids, smart cars and anything they consider environmentally friendly. There's a slight bit of Miss Teen USA 2007 in Angry Green Girl's answer to the question about what she's angry about: "The environment, what we're seeing as of present, as of today, will only exacerbate - it's not going to go away of its own accord," but maybe this is somehow the fault of the video editors. The local news anchors at KTLA certainly weren't focused on her message when they discussed the clip.

Distracting anchors and getting on the news was kind of part of the idea. After all, Angry Green Girl's slogan is "Shamelessly promoting everything I got to save our world." Check is all out the videoes after the jump. Thanks to Megan for the tip!

[Source: Angry Green Girl]

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