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If Vertu thought they had the market for four-figure carbon fiber cell phones all to themselves, they can think again as Russia's high-end electronics firm Gresso has announced the new Grand Monaco.

Not only is Gresso's latest named for the most famous race in the world, it's also built using race-derived materials like PVD-coated titanium alloy, high-strength ceramics and of course carbon fiber. The sapphire crystal display resists scratches and the whole thing is vacuum-sealed. Multitasking junkies won't find all the functionality of a smart phone here, but the Grand Monaco does pack a 2MP camera and Bluetooth among its features and commands a princely $2,100 – a far cry from the nearly ten-grand Vertu, but a fair bit more than the average Nokia. Details in the press release after the jump.

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[Source: Gresso]


Gresso Grand Monaco. The World of High Speed Technologies.

Gresso is pleased to introduce new Grand Monaco Collection, inspired by Formula 1 racing.

Working on Grand Monaco Collection, Gresso designers and engineers sought the phone to excite as strong emotions as race cars do. The result is a significant and laconic gadget rendering elegance and force of a supercar.

Gresso Grand Monaco phones are the embodiment of the best features of legendary race supercars: modern technologies and innovative design, functional versatility and high-tech materials.

High Tech Materials

Every aspect of the phone reveals the style of Formula 1.

The case is executed of titanium superalloy, specially developped for Gresso. At the closing stage under 750°C, the case is coated with several layers of high-tech ceramic. This coating neither gets tarnished nor changes its colour. Initially this material was used in space industry only.

Another material, borrowed from the world of racing cars, is carbon on the front and back case panels. Formula 1 engineers consider carbon to be the best material ever used for a racing car body. This materail is able to take any shape remaining hard, incredibly firm and light. It is five times as light as steel and twice as light as alluminium, but as strong as they are.

A hand-polished 42 K sapphire crystal enframes the display.


The source of pride of Gresso engineers is a flat keyboard made of polished steel. Absolutely flat, it is made out of a single sheet of polished steel 100 micron thick. The keyboard plate under vacuum is covered with ultrastrong titanium Black PVD, which makes the surface mirrorlike black and scratchproof. Laser cut figures and letters. The navigation keys are made of surgical steel with the application of ultra-precision turning technology that ensures the superexcellent precision and impecable shape of each detail. Magnetic Smart Lock for battery cover fastening.

The device holds all functions necessary for a businessman: 2 MP camera, Wap/GPRS/Bluetooth/SMS/MMS/e-mail/EDGE, Java. An outstanding menu design, interpreting the spirit and audacious style of the collection, was exclusively developed for Grand Monaco.

The Premier Series of Grand Monaco Collection – Carbon

The case is executed of titanium superalloy and covered with high-tech ceramic. The alternate designs: high-tech black or metallic ceramic combined with carbon. Limited edition. Retail price 2100 USD.

Grand Monaco Carbon is to be represented at Gresso official dealers on the 15th, August, 2009.

Gresso is on Facebook

Particular information on Gresso Company and its new collection Grand Monaco is available at popular social network service Facebook. Gresso page at Facebook gives you a good choice opportunity to talk with representatives of the company, discuss the most interesting points and take part in development of Gresso new high-tech gadgets.

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