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The last time we heard about gouging on the Toyota Prius was, oh, just last summer when gas prices put the frugal flyer at the top of shopping lists. Things were so bad then that used Priuses were going for more than new models because dealers couldn't keep the fresh stuff in stock.

Cash-for-Clunkers appears to have had the same affect on some Toyota dealers this summer. Even though cars like the Ford Fusion and Toyota Corolla grabbed the top slots and headlines, the Prius was so popular as a swap-car that dealers again ran short on inventory. Daily Tech reports that the tight supply llead some dealerships to start adding a Market Value Adjustment (MVA) to the MSRP of up to $5,000.

It wasn't all Toyota dealers that took to making dough while the sun shone, of course – and the gist of the story appears to be that if you really want a Prius, shop around for MSRP and you'll probably find it. In the long run, until the Prius gets some real competition for the mantle of Greenest Thing on Earth, be ready to hear this story again.

[Source: Daily Tech]

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