Brammo Enertia off road evidence - click above for high-res image gallery

Although the Enertia cafe-commuter still hasn't reached showroom floors, Brammo seems to have another product waiting in the wings. How do we know? BrammoCraig himself, that's CEO Craig Bramscher to you and me, tweeted last month, "rode our newest product again today - can not wait to show it to the world...". That tease had slipped our minds until recently when Brian Wismann, the company's director of product development and designer of the Enertia, began posting pics of bikes that have obviously been taken off tarmac and collected a bit of dust for their trouble, not to mention a short video clip catching a pair of bikes in the act. Then there is also the above photo of a machine shoed with a set of knobbies. This latest evidence has prompted to explore outloud the possibility of a dual sport Enertia in the offing.

While we agree that the sealed AC motor would lend itself well for off road application, we suspect the next Brammo product announcement will be all about sport bikes. We're not saying they couldn't do a DS in the future but it takes a lot more than a set of dirt hoops to make it happen. Besides that, the company has already spent a lot of time and effort building the very lovely TTRs that it brought to the Isle of Man for the TTXGP and the sport bike is a very popular market segment. Hit the jump for a brief taste of Enertia soft roading action (check out the saddlebags) and leave us your thoughts.

[Source: Plugbike / Brian Wismann]

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