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Ural introduces Patrol T and Red October sidecar motorcycles

Ural Patrol T and Red October - Click above for high-res image gallery

We had more than our fair share of fun bombing around the streets of Seattle and the surrounding area on the brand new Ural T sidecar motorcycle. Though it's surely not for everybody, we found ourselves smitten with the machine's no-nonsense old-world charm and throwback style. The one thing that was missing, though, was Ural's two-wheel drive option.

We're happy to report that this omission has now been rectified with the new Ural Patrol T (pictured above). Not only is the model's $12,399 asking price a full six Benjamins under that of the standard Patrol, it's also painted up in our preferred Olive drab and has matte black trim in place of the normal chrome. That's a whole bucket full of win right there.

Also new from Ural is the 2009 Red October Limited Edition sidecar. With its single-wheel drive, 18-inch wheels and 3.89 final drive ratio, the Red October promises to be a good bit faster on the top end than the rest of Ural's line. Thanks to the lower seating position via a sidecar frame shared with the Retro model, it should be a highly passenger-friendly outfit. We also dig the contrast of its deep red bodywork against the flat black trim and powertrain. For more official shots of Ural's two new bikes, check out the high-res gallery below.

  • ural-patrol-t-large_01
  • ural-patrol-t-large_02
  • ural-red-october-large_3
  • ural-patrol-t-large_14
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[Source: Ural]

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