What you're looking at is a 1985 photo of the Sinclair C5, a titchy electrically motivated trike of which 12,000(!) were reportedly sold. We stumbled across this gem of an image, and after your enthusiastic response to yesterday's Roller at Wal-Mart snapshot (over 200 captions at last count), we've decided to go to the well again.

As is our form, we've come up with a few semi-humorous attempts of our own to get your creative juices flowing:
"No, Bob, it's just the jacket that makes you look like a dork... just the jacket."

Sinclair C5: For the perpetually single man

Mini my ass!

For his entire life, Walt dreamed of Corvette ownership, but after rent for space in his mother's basement, the only C5 he could afford was altogether less impressive.

The Sinclair C5: Members Only, please.
So, take your best crack at our trike-wheeling Chevy Chase doppelgänger above by leaving a caption in Comments!

[Source: SinclairC5.com | Image: Hulton Archive/Getty]

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