Yesterday, the British Steam Car Challenge team issued a release indicating that today would likely (finally) be the day that Fred Marriott's hundred-year-old officially recognized top speed record of 127 miles per hour in a Stanley steam car would fall. Today's update: Check back tomorrow.

Unfortunately, though the team's steam-powered streamliner has managed to outperform the old Stanley Steamer in testing, the car's first official run in front of the FIA sanctioning committee didn't quite go as planned. It seems something broke in the car's throttle, causing the second follow-up run to be aborted.

To set a new official world record, the British Steam Car team needs two successful runs within 60 minutes of one another across the same land area. Assuming the car is repaired in time, the team will attempt to achieve its record-setting performance tomorrow. Hit the jump for the official statement.

[Source: British Steam Car Challenge]


Wednesday 19th August

The team made the first official attempt at the world record today, but decided to abort the second run after a slight problem with the throttle was detected. It is understood that the throttle was letting water through the turbine rather than bypassing it. The team will investigate the problem this afternoon with the intention of attempting the record again tomorrow morning

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