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Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione - Click image above for a high-res gallery

We have an old saying: there's no such thing as too much Alfa Romeo news. With that in mind, why is the world's hottest Alfa sporting a "Got Milk?" mustache? Because the Photoshop warlocks at Britain's favorite automotive tabloid have no idea what the new 8C GTA is actually going to look like. Here's what we think we know. Alfa Romeo is going to release a carbon fiber intensive 8C Competizione variant called the GTA to celebrate the marque's centenary next year.

Thanks to all the exotic weave, the GTA will be over 300 pounds lighter
than the "regular" Competizione, and with a new ECU and stouter internals, the 4.7-liter F430 derived V8 should produce more than 500 horsepower -- just in time to not upstage the 458 Italia's 562 hp. All that power will get neutralized by optional carbon-ceramic stoppers and naturally, expect the GTA's suspension to be much stiffer than the current car's GT tuning.

If it sounds like Alfa might be considering a return to the race track we can only give the thumbs up, smile and mutter under our breath, "about time." And it might help explain the white mouth. Price? Over $300,000. How many? Just 100 examples, total. We're expecting to catch an actual glimpse of the 8C GTA at the Geneva Motor Show this coming March.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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