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Unlike recent auto expos, the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show is going to have some fantastic jewelry on display -- the Ferrari 458 Italia, Porsche's revised 911 Turbo, the MX-5 Superlight, the list goes on and on. Aston Martin has also confirmed that three years after the Rapide concept stole the show in Detroit, the production version will join the beer-and-sausage fest in Germany.

The Rapide's price has been given at £110,000 in the U.K.. It's supposedly 40 horsepower down on the Vantage V12 -- 470 hp versus 510 hp -- but if that price is right, the Rapide costs £25,000 less than the Vantage V12. While we're fans of the brutish Vantage, that's enough change for us to notice. So we'll simply have to put the two side-by-side in Frankfurt to compare...

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[Source: Channel4]

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