One of the very important components in getting Joe V6-pack on board for electric-drive vehicles in the coming years will be education about how EVs are different (and better, in many ways) than traditional liquid-fueled cars. While the whole "zero emission" tagline is becoming common, Nissan is trying out something a bit fresher for its new Leaf EV.

As you can see in the image above – taken from an email Nissan sent to the hand-raisers – the company has found three things that can use the 100 (or 100 percent) number: that the car is totally electric, that it can go 100 miles per charge (yes, there is an asterisk there in the fine print, as there should be) and that the car will have 100 percent of its available torque from 0 rpm (this is clarified in the small text not included above). Hyping all that torque is a good strategy – after all, it's still news to many people that electric cars can go fast – but it's one we really haven't seen that much in promotional material for EVs. Why not? Think it'll continue?

[Source: Nissan]

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