Could Michael Schumacher pull a Lance Armstrong and unretire back to the sport he so dearly loves and was almost impossibly successful at? If reports coming out of Formula One-obsessed European media outlets are to believed, the 40-year-old, seven-time F1 Driver's Championship winner is in the running as a possible replacement for Felipe Massa, who suffered a life-threatening head injury during the qualifying sessions at the Hungarian Grand Prix. According to Luca Colajanni, a spokesperson for the Italian racing team:
We have said before that it is possible that Michael Schumacher could return to help us out... We have two test drivers at Ferrari (Luca Badoer and Marc Gene) at the moment and Michael is an advisor. We have not spoken to him, but it is possible that this might happen. But we will have to wait and see what happens. It is something for (Ferrari team principal) Stefano Domenicali to consider over the coming weeks.
Even under the best-case scenarios, Massa will undoubtedly miss the European and Belgian Grands Prix, after which a four-week racing hiatus will allow Ferrari additional time to assess its numerous options. Sabine Kehm, a spokesperson for Schumacher, hasn't ruled out the possibility that Schumi could make a short-term return:
It's really up to Ferrari. They must first decide what they want to do. And if they decide to ask Michael, they would then talk to him and he would think about it. But the decision could be just as well negative.
Further complicating the issue are some concerns over Shumacher's physical health following an apparent motorcycle crash back in February. Regardless of whom Ferrari chooses to put in the newly-vacated driver's seat, we join Schumacher himself in again wishing Felipe Massa a speedy and full recovery.

[Sources: The Press Association, USA Today | Image: BacardiLimited]

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