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Apparently, all is not well in Aptera Motors fandom land. After something of a sustained burst in marketing and promotional appearances earlier this year that included a visit to TED and to Washington D.C., it seems a recent lack of announcements and unresponsiveness to customer emails is leading some Apterans to begin stressing big time about what is up with the company that's supposed to begin building their first model, the all-electric 2e, this autumn. Their internet home, the Aptera Forum, has been sprouting threads full of apprehension and expressing doubts that the road-going craft will even make it to market. Even if it does, there are worries about the windows rolling down, the range for regular drivers and whether the final production version will look like an expecting inverted orca. One alleged anguished Apteran even wrote us saying, "I emailed them a few times and never heard anything back. I'm thinking about getting my deposit back. They have stopped all communication to reservations holders... Not a good sign to me."

Well, here's a good sign for those anxious for more Aptera news. We contacted the company about the situation and got this response from their head marketing man, Marques McCammon:
Our small team of executives has been traveling around the country establishing business relationships that will be beneficial to the future of Aptera. The result is that we will have some important announcements to make during the next few months. While these business activities have taken our primary focus away from communicating directly with our depositors, our next newsletter is slated to be emailed on Tuesday, which will jump-start a series of regular communications with our supporters.
See? They say that all really is well and they've just been a little busy with the task of starting up a brand new automotive company. Have a little patience, please. We only hope that among these upcoming announcements is the unveiling of the finally final, officially official production version of the two-seater. With windows that roll down. Tip of the hat to Ashley!

[Source: Aptera Motors]

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