General Motors is continuing its series of almost daily webchats with one of the people who helped bring the Chevy Volt to life. This week's target is the leader of the team that gave form to the upcoming extended range EV, Bob Boniface. Boniface led the exterior design team that created the extremely aggressive original concept and, after the concept gained production approval, he became the design director for the Volt and other vehicles coming off the Voltec (formerly E-Flex) architecture. He was then tasked with transforming the concept into something more production viable, a job we certainly don't envy.

When the production design for the Volt was rolled out last fall at GM's Centennial celebration, it drew plenty of comments ranging from cheers to jeers, particularly for the resemblance of its profile to a certain hybrid from brand T. Tuesday's webchat will be your opportunity to directly interrogate Boniface on why the Volt looks the way it does. You can register in the chat widget after the jump to get a reminder before the 2pm EDT event kicks off Tuesday.

[Source: General Motors]

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