What's a giant wheeled hot dog have to do to get some respect? It seems Hawaii's issue isn't so much automotive renditions of meat products, but a recent visit by Oscar Mayer's Weinermobile has caused a flap. Honolulu's mayor welcomed the rolling frank, even honoring it with "Oscar Mayer Wiener Day," while a local organization known as Outdoor Circle wants to make sure it's the last time the Weinermobile visits.

Sure, an orange and yellow vehicle in the shape of a hot dog might be tacky to some, but Outdoor Circle has taken real umbrage and wants it to be clear that the big dog shouldn't come back. A 1927 law banning all billboards on the islands is being cited, along with a more recent, more relevant ban on vehicles solely intended for advertising also being used in the outcry. The welcoming mayor has vowed to look into the supposed violations, though there's apparently a lack of official complaints. Aren't there better things to do, especially in such an idyllic locale, than carp about some corporate mobile home with funny bespoke bodywork? Go surf, or something -- it's not like it crashed into anything untoward.

[Source: Gadling, Photo: Newton Downtown Car Show]

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