Like mushrooms after a summer rain, Tesla stores are popping up all across the country. OK, maybe not all across but, hey, give them a few years. Anyhow, hot on the heels of last week's Manhattan debut, store number four will open its doors in Seattle this weekend to offer a sneak preview to the public. The renovated warehouse at 425 Westlake Ave will not only serve as a showroom for the premium electric car company but also provide service for the couple dozen Roadsters already populating the Emerald City. Now that Canadians can buy sporty two-seaters, the storefront will also be handy for those would-be buyers in the Vancouver area who will be nicely within driving range of the facility.

There will likely be rides and test drives available at the event but if the lines are too long you can now schedule an appointment on the Tesla Seattle webpage. The new digs will be managed by former Porsche salesperson Alexander Pulver Carl Medlock who will be rolling out the welcome mat at 10 am this Saturday and closing the doors at 5 pm. Sunday opening is at 11 am with visitors welcome until 4 pm.

[Source: Tesla Motors / Seattle Times]

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